New Products Coming Soon!

Gluten Free Black Bean and Quinoa Burgers and Vegan Bacon and Vegan Pulled Pork Will be Available in August 2017

Find Our Great Products at Super Joseth Markets All Over Manuel Antonio

Also Available at MiniPrice Store In Quepos and La Tiendita in Jaco

You didn't come to PARADISE for FRIED CHICKEN & PIZZA, did you??


Delivery Service Discontinued

Delivery Service is Available Via Our Retail Partners MiniPrice Store and Super Joseth

About Comida De Vida

Comida De Vida is the food to match Manuel Antonio: fresh, exquisite, satisfying. Our locally-sourced, gluten-free, vegan Beach Bowls are designed to be enjoyed in nature with friends and family. Our refreshing organic lemonades are perfect for cooling off and quenching thirst. Enjoy a REAL taste of 'Pura Vida' with Comida de Vida!

comida de vida


MiniPrice Store | Quepos

La Tiendita | Jaco

Las Brisas Hotel | Hermosa

Super Joseth | Manuel Antonio

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